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Di-Amanda Limited, founded in 2005, concentrated on middle to high-end accessories. The idea of “crossover” and “fusion” with different types of fabric and silver jewelry became our concept where Di-AmandaTM derives from. Di-AmandaTM continues to experience with different kinds of fabric which started with a more down-to-earth yet elegant enough material to merge with a 925 silver jewelry piece - Denim. The Di-AmandaTM Collection offers unique designs that incorporate various geometrical shapes and inspiring natural motifs with a joyful sense of fun. Di-AmandaTM is wholly owned by P.D.& P. Group (expertise in fine jewelry for USA market since 1998).

Di-Amanda Limited創立於2005年,主打中高級配飾。我們的概念是將各種各樣的織物與銀飾混搭融合,而這也是Di-AmandaTM的起源。Di-AmandaTM不斷地嘗試用不同的織物,以一種實用且講究的布料牛仔布開始,去融合925銀飾的設計。

同時, Di-AmandaTM系列的獨特設計既包含各式各樣的幾何形狀又囊括十分有趣且別有創意的自然圖案。Di-AmandaTM品牌所有權歸於P.D.&P. Group(於1998年至今,一間致力於專業提供優質珠寶到美國市場的公司)